Freakin Bacon Apple Pie!!

Ok, so this is Dad’s Coffee and Bacon and I haven’t put up a bacon post yet!  What am I thinking?!  But, now is the time.  I came across this in being out cruising the interwebs for all things bacon and remembered that my wife had made this for me one time.  Bacon.  Apple.  Pie.  Seriously, it’s amazing.  At the time she made it, I really wasn’t sure that it was be good but three things entered my mind:

  1.  My wife made it.  You bet your ass I’m going to at least try it so even if it sucks, she’ll think I liked it so she feels good and cooks again!
  2. There’s bacon in it.  Duh!
  3. It’s pie.  Aside from something completely off the wall like onion pie, I’m absolutely going to eat some pie.

So she made it.  I ate it.  And it was awesome!  I need to leave subtle reminders for her so she makes it again!  Enough from me though.  Here is the recipe and I have to give credit to for the recipe and I pulled this off of  I’m not sure if I documented that correctly but I don’t want someone to be butt hurt and think I’m trying to say I came up with this recipe.  I just ate it.  My wife cooked it.  Thank you very much.




  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
  2. Mix apple pie filling, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice in a bowl and pour into pie crust (in a pie pan or tin). Smooth with a spatula.
  3. Create bacon weave on top of pie: Lay two strips across the pie so that they intersect in the middle and are at right angles. Turn the pie so that the lower strip points toward you. Continue adding more bacon to the left and the right, creating an alternating over-under pattern with the single strip that runs side-to-side.
  4. At this point, there should five or six strips of bacon pointing toward the front of the pie and one strip running side-to-side which weaves over and under the other five or six strips.
  5. Begin laying a strip of bacon next to the on running side-to-side. Start at one end and create an over-under pattern opposite the first one by lifting up alternating strips, laying this piece down, and replacing the strips you lifted. Continue on both sides until the pie is completely covered in a bacon lattice with an alternating over-under weave.
  6. Trim the ends that hang over the sides. Save these trimmings for use in recipes that call for diced bacon (you can freeze them).
  7. Bake 45-60 minutes, or until bacon is crispy and completely cooked. You may want to bake this over a baking sheet in case apple or bacon grease ooze over the sides.
  8. Cool for 10 minutes before serving. Serve with caramel praline, dulce de leche, or similar ice cream. If desired, you can cooked up the bacon trimmings and garnish the ice cream with them.

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