Samsonite! I was way off!

Well, the title of this post should tell you that I’m a little slow.  Or maybe unrealistic.  I started this blog thinking that I would be churning out posts left and right and I would have hundreds of back up posts that I would write over time that I could just plug and play as soon as I was ready and it would flow in a seamless pattern of lyrical bliss.

Please see the picture below for an explanation of how it’s really going…

Catch my drift?  I end up having a lot of thoughts throughout the day that I think I would like to write about but by the time I get home after work or shuttling kids around or hitting the gym, I can’t remember the hell what I wanted to write about.  Let alone have the energy to want to sit down and bang one of these out!  I believe most people that know me would say that I’m pretty ambitious and hard working.  But there are times I can be downright lazy.  Seriously.  Lazy to the point of there are things that I KNOW I HAVE TO DO….but I don’t…because….well…uhhhhh…..I’m lazy!

It used to irritate me a lot.  It would irritate me that I would see all these super ambitious, hard-working people and all the things they are accomplishing and I’m sitting on my couch binge watching Dual Survival about two guys surviving in the wilderness.  Paints a really awe inspiring picture doesn’t it?  Well, I say it used to irritate me because I am beginning to adopt the #zerofucksgiven motto as it relates to what other people think.  I’m actually a pretty positive guy and love being around people and having a good time but I have developed a real dead spot for other people’s perception.  I even stopped apologizing when people come over and the house isn’t spotless and show ready.  I have several kids all under 8.  At what point does it become acceptable to just acknowledge to people that, “I only cleaned the house this well because I knew you were coming over and I didn’t want to be embarrassed because you thought less of me because my house is dirty”.

The actual absurdity of that last sentence just kind of hit me in the face as I writing it.  It wasn’t meant to be sarcastic but it’s completely ridiculous that we have to “apologize” to people for our house being lived in and not perfect.  As if that’s some reflection on our character or capacity to function as an adult.  C’mon…join me now in the #zerofucksgiven movement!  It’s liberating!

When I started exploring the idea of my own blog, I began by reading other people’s blogs.  I read a bunch of finance guru blogs, lifestyle blogs, minimalist blogs, and on and on until I was royally sick of blogs.  But there was a reason for the reading, as it were, because I wanted to see what other bloggers that were successful were doing  and how I could emulate their blogs while still putting my own spin on mine.  Some of them I kept up with because they are amazing but I am just wickedly impressed with some of the content they put out and how well researched and well written they are.  There is a reason why their blogs garner so much traffic all the time.  The stuff they write about is interesting and informative.  I found myself rummaging back through years of one guy’s posts because I wanted to see what else he was writing about.  #stillobsessed Annnnndd….then we come to my original point, sometimes I’m lazy.  And the last thing I want to do is sit down and type up some post that I hope other people read.  Kind of counter to what I was saying before about caring what other people think.

“I don’t care what you think!  But read my blog….”

Obviously I have a lot to learn.  Maybe I’ll get there one day.  But seriously, read more of my blog.  Keep coming back.  Maybe it’ll push me further to write more.  Maybe.

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