About Me

Stunningly obvious.  “What is stunningly obvious?” you might ask.  I love Coffee and Bacon.  That’s what.  I was finally able to settle on Dad’s Coffee and Bacon because that was the only domain available that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to buy.  I’m frugal.  Some would call me a cheapskate.  And the reason I chose to start a blog titled Dad’s Coffee and Bacon is because I want to write about things I like.  Or dislike, in some cases.  This is my open forum!  At times, as much as you would delight in saying exactly what is bouncing around in your skull, it’s just not prudent or practical.  Or nice.  People get butt hurt.  But here, I don’t have to filter!  That’s also why it’s anonymous.  I won’t have to worry about anyone getting their feelings hurt because they don’t know who’s writing it!  I could be writing about you!  And you wouldn’t even know it.

The only thing I will tell you about me is that I am your average middle aged, married father with an average house in rural America with two cars and a cat. And I hate that cat.  I like to exercise but am overweight.  I like to read but never get too.  I like to shoot guns but they just sit in my safe.  But one thing I am is observant.  I may seem quiet but I am just silently watching everything around me.  These are my observations…SQUIRREL!