Why Do You Ask?

Who am I?  Why do you ask?  I guess it would seem useful to provide some insight to the “man behind the curtain” of Dad’s Coffee and Bacon.  I’m probably no different than you.  I am a middle aged man with a wife, a couple of kids, an average home, two cars and the American Dream.  I’ve worked my whole life and come from a family that, while it has it’s own unique intricacies, has many similarities to your family.  We fight, we love, we hug, we laugh, we give, we volunteer, and probably eat and drink too much but that’s how we party.  Do notice, however, that I said “We fight” first.  Bunch of stubborn bastards.

But why should I start a blog?  I guess I finally just asked myself, “Why not?”.  I read all about the experiences of these people that are traveling the world after saving 75% of their salary for 10 years and don’t have to work ever again. Or the single guy who, on a whim, decided to start making widgets and is now a millionaire and works remotely in his van where he wants.  There’s just something…unrelatable….to all these people.  I can’t find a blog where someone like me sits down at night and has remorse for yelling at their kids over something that is trivial.  Or the person who really questions their decision in life that led them to this point.  They’re happy….but…there is something…missing.  Maybe I just started this so I could ramble and put thoughts on paper.  Or on website.

Either way, I choose to remain anonymous.  Ask me any questions you want.  I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.  But I won’t tell you who I am.  Maybe that makes me a coward.  Maybe not.  I write whatever I’m thinking about and there will come a time when that causes a negative reaction.  I don’t want to have friends/family upset at me by the things I write so I choose to remain anonymous….for now.